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Shipping carpets by air involves unique challenges and considerations to ensure that these valuable and often bulky items reach their destination safely and efficiently. Utilizing cargo airline couriers for this purpose requires careful planning and adherence to specific guidelines to protect the carpets from damage and ensure timely delivery.
Safe Shipping Guidelines for Carpets by Air

1. Proper Packaging

Packaging is the first line of defense in protecting carpets during air transit. Given the rough handling that can occur during loading and unloading, Amtico Flooring and carpets must be well-packaged to withstand these conditions.

Rolling and Wrapping: Carpets should be rolled tightly to reduce their size and prevent creasing. After rolling, they should be wrapped in a durable plastic cover to protect against dirt, moisture, and physical damage.
Additional Protection: For extra security, consider using padded wrapping or foam around the roll. If the carpet is particularly valuable or delicate, placing it in a sturdy, cylindrical container or tube can offer added protection.

2. Securing the Load

Once packaged, it’s crucial to secure the carpet rolls properly within the aircraft’s cargo hold. This helps prevent movement and potential damage during the flight.

Strapping and Bracing: Use strong straps and braces to secure the carpet rolls. Ensure that they are fastened tightly to prevent any shifting during turbulence or while the plane is taxiing, taking off, or landing.
Stacking Considerations: Avoid stacking heavy items on top of carpet rolls. If stacking is necessary, lighter items should be placed on top, and sufficient padding should be used to prevent compression and damage.

3. Choosing the Right Cargo Airline Courier

Selecting a reliable cargo airline courier is critical for the safe and timely delivery of carpets. Here are factors to consider:

Reputation and Experience: Choose couriers with a proven track record in handling large, bulky items like carpets for shipping to Watford Carpets. Experienced couriers will have the necessary equipment and expertise to manage these shipments efficiently.
Specialized Services: Some cargo airlines offer specialized services for fragile or high-value items. These services might include climate-controlled environments, extra handling care, or faster delivery options.

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